Sunday, January 27, 2008

Guess the gender of my new little birdie and the parents


Thank you to all who spend time in joining the guessing game,
to those who texted and and send their entry in my yahoo mail,
but only those posted in my blogs are qualified entries.
Sorry for the late announcement coz
I'm so busy the past two weeks and probably till march.
Anyway here's the answer.
inside the nest Katrina - Female
down is Michael - Male
little birdie - Male
Congratulations to:
1st Gucci Gift set (perfumes etc.)
Meloudy Elinon
2nd Fragrance Mini filled bowls
Jessie Balisacan
3rd Gift set (Cigarette holder & pen)
Raul Capili
They will also receive Cadburry funsize chocolates
(not from SM yan..fromUK ...hehehe)Again , thanks

One of my pets , Cokateil birds Michael and Katrina has at least hatched one of the three eggs layed this year. Last year 5 eggs were layed but was not successfully hatched. It was the time when my brother and I are on our recovery period so we havent check and manage our pets thoroughly. We are planning to move them to a larger cage and probably mix with other birds. I will join them with the two pairs of my African lovebirds , Maya Peach and my ordinary Lovebird. Maybe if the new little birdie has completed his/her wings and can fly a bit already.

This is the new addition on our pets, who would guess if it is a male or female. Can someone tell us what the gender of this healthy birdie. How about the parents can you tell who is Katrina and Michael? Send your answer here up to February 1o and a token will be given as prize.Feel free to send comments on how to take care Cokateil birds. Any info will be appreciated guys.


Anonymous said...

Yun anak,babae.
Yun nasa baba, yun ang nanay.
Yun nasa taas, yun ang tatay.

melo said...

ay.. ang hirap naman..Male yung nasa baba, Female yung nasa taas and male yung little bird.

jess said...

The bird inside the nest is female,

While the tiny bird is a male bird.

charmy said...

si katrina yun nasa taas then si michael yun nasa baba

yung little bird nila ay girl

raul said...

little birdie male

female bird inside nest

male bird down

anj said...

yung mommy ang nasa taas!!!!
then yung baby girl yun

Paul said...

haha and cute...siguro babae yung nasa taas tas lalake yung nasa baba tas yung baby na anak nila babae...:)

dexter said...

Up lalake

down babae

little birdie babae

Jane G said...

un nanay sa taas na cage

un nasa baba un un tatay

un little birdie cute cia kaya baka female

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much!!!.
You're generous talaga..
Thanks again...

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much!!!..
You're generous talaga...
Thanks again..