Saturday, April 25, 2009

Outreach 2009 at Reception Study Center for Children

The ChE Blues held their Annual Outreach Program last April 19, 2009 at Reception Study Center for Children (RSCC) in Quezon City (located at the back of SM North Edsa).

A short program was prepared for the kids, 3 years old and above wherein they participated in various parlor games. Lootbags , gifts and toys are some of the prizes. The kids also prepare a dance number for us. The program lasted at 11:30 AM and food were served to the kids, donations were turned over to Ms. Cindy Palma. Before we leave the place, Ms. Palma and the other coordinators showed us the other villas where kids below three years old and infants were being housed and cared for.

Another fullfilling day for the group and friends who come to share their time and their blessings. Again, to all of our batchmates, friends and family, who continously support this activity (on its third year now), thank you for the trust, prayers , inspirations, treasures (cash and goods) . This will surely makes a lot of difference to the lives of the children. Till next year, let's make a difference and continue to be a blessing to others. God Bless Us All!!!

Me & Ghe with her daugthers waiting for the kids

Zoi at RSCC Playground

Me at RSCC backyard

Emcee's - Dex and Mean (so happy!!!)

Mean interview with the boys

Fong & Lyn Entertaining the kids

Mean giving prize

Another interview this time with the girls

RSCC Kids Presentation

Dance Number from the Kids

Me & Fong (standing) with Ms. Cindy Palma seated (middle)

Dexter & his daughter distributing Loot bags

Group Picture

Lunch at Flavors of China

Feeling Good!!!

A wonderful Sunday, thanks for nourishing our body and spirit

Photos taken by Zoillo Macasa - Junior Badminton National Team Player, thanks bro.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Singapore Visit 2009

I've been here for so many times in Singapore and my previous trips are work related, trainings and meeting my college friends . But this one is for my Mom whose celebrating her birthday (my gift) and at the same time to visit my cousin who works here.

Ryan (my cousin fiance) fetched as in the airport and went directly in their place. We take a rest for an hour and start visiting some places (where I already seen) so my Mom could enjoy and experience seeing good places here in Singapore. The common places we visited during our stay are Sentosa, Bird Park, Singapore Zoo, Esplanade, Merlion Park and Marina Bay. We also passed by at Singapore Flyer, now the worlds giant observation wheel after the London Eye. Actually I really wanted to see this observation deck/wheel and try riding but I've changed my mind for some personal reasons, maybe next time.
My cousin treat us in an eat all you can dinner at Orchard Hotel. By the way my cousin is one of the six Filipinos who works in this Singaporean hotel (Check out Smile Magazine of Cebu Pacific for the full article of this six Filipinos).
Here are some of the photos:

It is such a great and warmth feeling seeing your Mom relax , happy and enjoying her special day with this wonderful experience. It is also nice knowing a family member is doing good and establishing a career here in this foreign country. Thanks a lot Ryan and She for your time and accommodation, see you next time. God Bless!!!

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Iloilo Trip

My trip in Iloilo is my first out of town for the year. The purpose is to visit a dear friend who is getting married and I'll be one of the sponsors in their wedding. No big deal being the youngest principal sponsor as the couple is a very special friend to me for quite a long time. From being a friend and a former Supervisor, now a Godfather to them.

The supposed pick up at the airport was cancelled due to some errands so I take a cab from the airport and meet them at SM, one of the malls in the city which is approximately 30-45 minutes depending on the driver. Ryan and Donna fetched me at the mall, have some lunch at KFC and we went to Donna's house at Potolan, Jaro while Ryan went back to the airport to fetched for another friend and relatives. I stayed there for a night together with Jayces (Ryan's colleagues in abroad). That night we help in the preparation of give aways (souvenir items for the guests) and have some social drinking.
The next day, we transferred at Westown Hotel (courtesy of the couple) because the church and reception is near in the Hotel (also near at SM). While staying in the hotel, we took advantage and enjoy the amenities of the hotel. Nice view at the pool side, were we enjoy swimming. My former office mate, Keats arrived that morning from Boracay. After some rest, we strolled at SM to try the steaming bowl of Ted's La Paz Batchoy which is all over the place. Not to forget in the list is the best buy pasalubongs like boxes of butter scotch, bischocho etc. from the famous Biscocho Haus stores.
The wedding was held at St. Joseph the Worker Parish, Iloilo City. Attended by immediate family and close friends. This is my first time to be a principal sponsor if not for the couple, who are dear to me, I would not want too. Imagine, I have to bring my Barong here in Iloilo and walk down the aisle (just kidding). Maybe I had to accept the fact that I'm getting older. But, really it's a pleasure considering me as one of their Ninongs, and I love them more for that gesture. Reception follows at Escas Garden Restaurant.

Island Hoping at Guimaras

The following day (after the wedding), we woke up early and went to Guimaras, where the sweetest mangoes are one of the many draw cards of this island. It's a quiet, mountainous island strapped by a handful of scenic, winding roads with well-signed attractions. As referred, we went to one of the best areas on the west coast, the Alubihod beach in Sta Ana Bay.
We rent a boat to experience island hopping. The boatman charged us 400 pesos for the first hour and additional 150 pesos for the succeeding hour. Our first destination is the PawCaFS station in Lawi Bay. PawCaFS stand for Pawikan Caring & Feeding Station. It's our first time to touch a pawikan and tried cleaning them by the guidance of the caretaker and it's quite heavy. A voluntary monetary donation is encourage for the maintenance of the facility. Next stop is the Baras beach , a secluded resort that can be reached only through a pump boat. There are several beaches and islets undeveloped that you will see here, native houses, beautiful rock formations and caves. We also passed by at Ave Maria Cave (hope my memory is right!!!) and went inside. It is indeed a majestic view from in and out. It was a fun and awesome experience, exploring the beautiful and breath taking scenery of this Island.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Dinner at Zamboanga Restaurant

A few days after a Christmas gathering, my balikbayan good friends, invited me to have dinner with their hubbies at Zamboanga Restaurant located at 1619 Adriatico St. Malate Manila. It serves fresh seafoods, native cuissne and international dishes. The place offer nightly cultural shows which starts at 8:30 pm and serenaders to visitors/guest. It offers dances from different parts of the country. During the show, they will ask some participants to join in some dance where basic steps will be taught and afterwards they will perform it on stage. Dance like Tinikling and Hawaiian. That was fun seeing mostly foreigners doing the dance, children who wants to learn our national dance, tinikling.
This is another worthwhile experience , getting to know and refreshing your mind with Philippine Cultural history. It was a great dining experience together with lifetime good friends and enjoying the fantastic cultural show.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Blessings In My Life

First in the lists is my health improvement being a Post Kidney Transplant, I already survived more than 1 year. Blessing the family with three lovely angels (the twins alliza & allison and angel) seeing my sister and her family in London. Good health and abundance of grace including the trials and challenges that the family had this year. It make us even stronger, closer and strengthen our faith.

Places I visited like Bohol, Cebu and Baguio (been here always...hehehe) Malaysia - again...and UK London. My job and the crazy, emotional and reasonable people I work with...they make work interesting and fun. My personal trials, failures and being dumb for several times for being so kindhearted and friendly because I choose to be that way and be happy in that decision. Sure we made some mistakes along the way, what matters most is how we accept, experience and stand on that situation. The good thing is realizing that as a blessing. Sometimes it is helpful and even comforting to remember that there are things that we can never change.

Meeting my Batch mates/Friends in High School and start to continue the friendship. My dear special friends in college, the ChE Blues Group for the annual gatherings and doing some worthwhile activities (Outreach Program). My former co-employees who been there and stayed as good friend to me even in a long distance communication. Youngsters I've met who keep in touch and establishing friendship and becoming part of my family. People in my Friendster who take time to send messages and and considering me as one of their good friends. My new group, BH at smashville.....who are true good and nice to me.

I consider all of you a blessing in my life... I believe that meeting people is not a coincidence...People come into our life for a REASON, a SEASON or a LIFETIME.

To all of you have a brighter, blessed and happy new year.....Live well, Laugh often and Love with all of your heart.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Day with New & Old Good Friends

It's Sunday once again and time to play badminton with my batch mates (high school friends) and the BH group.We had just our BH tournament last week December 7, 2008 and I would like to congratulate all the winners especially my batch mates who won the Class B and Class C division. This is the first badminton tournament they had. My batch mates Rey is paired to Rodel the husband of Rachel who also won the championship in Class C together with Trish.

This Sunday is just another routine play were we gather and play. After the play I joined with the youngsters (without my batch mates) to eat at Robinson's Galleria and to know more of the group where I'm a "newbie". Actually, my so called adopted brother (new friend) will accompany me to buy something and have time together. So after eating we went at SM Mega to do the shopping , had coffee at Starbucks and watch a movie upon his request. It was great day and I get to know more of my adopted brother.

Badminton High 3rd Tournament

The next day, my schedule is dinner with my former choir members (good old friends). Meeting place at SM Mega church 7pm. We had our dinner at ManHann.

Pasig Concert Choir

As usual majority of the basses and sopranos are present , one from tenor and none from alto's. But basically it's a gathering of close friends/barkadas. It was a good and fun dinner. Everyone has stories to share and update their lives. In one conversation, an idea pop out of having a reunion concert "One Night Only" parang pelikula...LOLZ...everyone like the idea but then it will take a lot planning and time. And maybe the question is if we can still sing...of course we can.....Let's just see when... The resto is closing so we transferred at Starbucks for more sharing and updates. It's another tiring day for me but I'm happy seeing my choir members wherein some of them are my kumpare's and kumare's. Through the years our friendship remains and even grows better. Truly friends are gifts not easily gained. It roots from one's heart and involves memories that stay...not for a moment ...not for a day but ...always

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Badminton Group at Smashville

It's been 2 months since I started joining the BH group (badminton enthusiasts) through the invitation of my high school friend Rachelle. Other batchmates who joined the group are Rey, our senior class president, willie , rollie and eric. I enjoy playing with my batchmates and of course I like the group who welcome us here, compose mainly of young and not so old professionals...hehehe. The game is scheduled every sunday and I try to be there as much as possible because I consider this as my form of exercise and an outlet.
The first few faces that I had a communication are Tess , Dominick, Jordan, Joy, Ernie. Majority of them I know by faces, names but just pure hi and hello (a smile gesture). Aside from my high school friends (batchmates) , there are three persons that has been good, nice and kind to me...(should I say...with impact and recall). Alex (soft spoken and looks naive) for entertaining my querries and ....hehehe, Jay (looks snobbish..first impression only...clean looking and refreshing face) for bringing my box of wine in our plant and Cris (kind and friendly) my adopted brother, for the trust, sharing his life and for the bookings. I'm just new in the group and hopefully will get to know more about the other members.

Me & my batchmates (friends)

Cris Munoz (adopted brother)
Alex & Jay (Dynamic buddy)