Sunday, September 21, 2008

My Vacation - The London Experience Continuation

The continuation...another London's landmark....The Buckingham Palace, the official residence of British Monarch. It is one of the main tourist attraction where a major ceremony called Changing of the Guard is held daily during summer and every other day for the rest of the year. New guard exchanging shift with the old guard and this process is accompanied by a guards band. Be sure to be early so you will have a nice spot viewing the guards formation and for the picture taking, its really fantastic and exciting, a lot of people really do visit here to watch this ceremony.
Outside the Buckingham Palace is the Canada Gates (with black and yellow color) this is the entrance to Hyde Park which is one of the romantic and cool park here in London, including also the St James park. After strolling the in the park, we went to Starbucks to have a merienda. We then proceeded to one of the world's famous department store in London's Knightbridge.... The Harrods. We just do window shopping and buy small items for my niece.....
We then proceeded to London's Museum...the first Museum we visited is the Science Museum. We did not manage to go to 2nd to 5th floor because our camera battery is too low already but we do have some pics in the museum to show. It was a great and wonderful day (although tired and exhausted) seeing this amazing tourist attraction here in London.

The last travel and visit before I go back in Manila.....Another popular travel destination here in central London. The Tower of London, a historic monument...a fortress, a royal palace and prison. One of UNESCO World Heritage Center.... The next one is the Tower Bridge, the iconic symbol of London... and the London Zoo which is the world's oldest scientific zoo. Check out my video pics.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

An Extraordinary Day

This is one of my memorable birthday , sharing it with the twins (my nieces) and celebrating with my sister close friends together with their kids. I know some by names and faces, others just met here for the first time, except for Nana Maxine (British National) who been in the Philippines, my sisters second mom here. It's my first time to blow a candle for my birthday cake...sounds funny but it's true ( no picture - confidential....lolz). The kids sang a birthday song and blown the candle for me. I was also surprised with their birthday presents for me. I said to myself it's nice having a birthday here ....oh no!!!...just kidding. Maybe I'm not used in receiving gifts now a days at my age. But I'm really thankful for the warmth welcome and generosity of my sister friends.

Kids blown the candle for me

Nana Maxi with Sam, Christian, Ashley, Tara, Laura

Above are the items I received: stuffed toy (monkey), birthday cards, M&S T-shirt, 2 England caps, 3 Umbro shirts (the red one is the new official shirt of England for 2008-2010 kick off), pair of watches, another M&S polo shirt (not in the picture) and 160GB external hard drive.

I will never forget this wonderful day being with you people and looking forward in seeing you again someday. I owe all of you for making my natal day an extraordinary one ....

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My Vacation - The London Experience

This is the first place that I visited, The London Eye, dubbed as Millennium Wheel. An Eye flight (air conditioned passenger capsule) where you can view London's famous landmarks such as Big Ben, House of Parliament , River Thames, Westminster Bridge....This famous tourist attraction is located at Western end of Jubilee Gardens, on the South Bank of River Thames.

We were lucky enough that we already inside the capsule when the rain pours. It was amazing seeing famous landmarks while you are inside the capsule and on top. After the ride , we just go around the park and find a nearby restaurant to have our lunch.

We then proceeded to London's famous day out, Madame Tussauds Wax Museum with branches in a number of cities (New York, Amsterdam, Las Vegas, Shanghai, Hongkong....). The Museum represents entertainment, sports and public figures.

This was just two of the many tourist attractions and landmarks here ... we will still visit some...It was really a day to remember, experiencing all of this together with your family.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

New Angels in the family

My new nieces, Allison and Alliza was born 25th of July @ 14:46 and 14:47 and 1,660 and 2,630 gms respectively via elective cesarean section. They're genetically identical twins though its not obvious at the moment due to dissimilar birth weights. They're a bit premature so they had to stay in the neonatal unit for quite sometime! Allison (the elder and smaller of the two) is still on a drip and has to rest her tummy a bit to avoid gut problems as a precaution due to her low birth weight otherwise all else seems ok so far. Alliza (the younger and bigger of the two) was fed through a tube and is beginning to suck nicely from mum's breasts. Alliza was the first one to go home after three weeks and Allison after five and a half weeks.



The twins weight after 6 weeks , Alliza from 2.6 to 5.0 and Allison from 1.6 to 3.0 kgs. The lovely twins shows great improvements and their healthy too.


Ashley (twins sister) who is turning 5 years old this December is currently enrolled as preparatory in St. Theresa. It's been four years that we haven't met her and my sister. Ashley was also excited knowing that I'll be celebrating my birthday here together with the twins thanksgiving. It's been a good year with full of blessings for us, new angels for the family, my 1st year anniversary being a post KT, seeing my sister and his family doing well and a chance to visit London and explore the nice places here.