Saturday, April 25, 2009

Outreach 2009 at Reception Study Center for Children

The ChE Blues held their Annual Outreach Program last April 19, 2009 at Reception Study Center for Children (RSCC) in Quezon City (located at the back of SM North Edsa).

A short program was prepared for the kids, 3 years old and above wherein they participated in various parlor games. Lootbags , gifts and toys are some of the prizes. The kids also prepare a dance number for us. The program lasted at 11:30 AM and food were served to the kids, donations were turned over to Ms. Cindy Palma. Before we leave the place, Ms. Palma and the other coordinators showed us the other villas where kids below three years old and infants were being housed and cared for.

Another fullfilling day for the group and friends who come to share their time and their blessings. Again, to all of our batchmates, friends and family, who continously support this activity (on its third year now), thank you for the trust, prayers , inspirations, treasures (cash and goods) . This will surely makes a lot of difference to the lives of the children. Till next year, let's make a difference and continue to be a blessing to others. God Bless Us All!!!

Me & Ghe with her daugthers waiting for the kids

Zoi at RSCC Playground

Me at RSCC backyard

Emcee's - Dex and Mean (so happy!!!)

Mean interview with the boys

Fong & Lyn Entertaining the kids

Mean giving prize

Another interview this time with the girls

RSCC Kids Presentation

Dance Number from the Kids

Me & Fong (standing) with Ms. Cindy Palma seated (middle)

Dexter & his daughter distributing Loot bags

Group Picture

Lunch at Flavors of China

Feeling Good!!!

A wonderful Sunday, thanks for nourishing our body and spirit

Photos taken by Zoillo Macasa - Junior Badminton National Team Player, thanks bro.