Monday, June 2, 2008

Friends Visit

Yesterday, I meet my friends from Baguio who will attend a von boyage night party here at Manila. I was late then in meeting them at SM Mega Mall (sorry guys ....hehehehe) near National Bookstore. There was no exact plan / what to do for the day, just a sort of meeting and bonding and suppose visit at Ocean Park. But since its 11am, its not advisable to go there as we will just waste time . It is almost lunch then but they opt to watch a movie so they can possibly relax too.

We watched "What happen in Vegas", starring Cameron Diaz (Joy) and Asthon Kutcher (Jack). Joy is a insecure commodity trader who was dumped by her fiance and Jack is slacker carpenter who was fired by his own father. The two met in Las Vegas and winding up drunk and waking up in the morning with a marriage certificate and a ring. Joy talked to Jack (near the slot machine) and arguing that it was a mistake, and one of them winning a jackpot after playing the others quarter. Battling it out for the prize money the judge decided that they had to undergo six months hard marriage before they can claim the money...... each one playing trick in order to get the money.....and falling in love a long the way... My rating for this romantic comedy movie is just average ....though I had some laughs, humor is not that enjoyable. I even fall asleep (maybe i was just tired). Anyway, I think my friends quite enjoy it and they had a chance to relax and being when them is the most important.

We take our lunch at Kenny Rogers, we order roast chicken, side dishes and chocolate mousse for our dessert. We stay for a while to rest because were full. I've noticed that they enjoyed but I felt they are so I decided to pampered them by bringing in a massage parlor near the meeting place (Cainta) of the supposed party. We leave the place and went at Cainta Rizal, we arrived there at around 4pm. There were no sauna and massage in Robinson Cainta so we tried massage from the blind. We book for 1 hour combination massage of shiatsu, swedish and acupuncture. Rooms are available at 5pm so we stroll the first the place and ending up in a Mocha Blend area to re- freshen ourselves, and after having some chat we return to have our massage. My massage was a semi hard one and I was able to get a nap and the moment I wake up I felt so relieved and back with my usual energy. Paul feel the same way, both of us has experienced massage before while Dodie who really enjoy it is a first timer. There was a certain glow on his face and more energetic after the said massage... couldn't explain his happiness as he uttered to me with a smile "it was so good and a wonderful experience" I really enjoyed it. I am very happy for it was the first time too that I saw my little brother feel that way. I remember when Paul and Dodie went to our house , Dodie was too shy then and looks so naive but he calls me brother already that time but today I think he is more comfortable and relax. Actually this two guys are best of friends, both sweet and friendly. I call Paul the scholar and Dodie my little sweet brother. I do enjoy too and feel important because they make it point to spend their time with me prior going to their friends party (huh! thanks bro).....Till then friends....

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Paul said...

Aba, detalyadong detalyado ha, hehehe....di ko alam na nakatulog ka sa movie, hehehe...hindi ka kasi naghilik eh..:) thanks sa treat luis ha, nagenjoy talaga kami...kahit pagod dahil sa byahe...Ingat ka jan, till next time ulit. :)