Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Can this be Real???

For the past months, I have lost connection to my little brother here in the net and even his cell number is not responding. I just hope that he is in good condition right now, and his health has improved a lot. The last communication (through text) we had was when he was in Dubai. It is very unusual of him that he just stop communicating...

One day someone had texted me asking his whereabouts, telling that she's a friend of my brother. I teased her that you should know because your his friend too. She keep on asking me where's my bro... asking for every details and even the phone nos. I just replied that I don't have contact and very much worried too..

I have not personally met him, but we do chat and text most of the time and in one instance where his mom and dad do but-in in our conversation. I'm fond of this young boy for he is very different from the usual teenagers should I say, maybe because of the upbringing but he's nice and kind with me. Weird as what people says. He don't usually hang out with his classmates and no circle of friends except from his cousins. Both of us have and ordeal to take and fight on our health condition. It's not pity that I have given my time for him but because I truly consider him as a real brother for I consider him as a blessing in my life too. Some of my friends keep telling me that he's not real....but whether real or not, he had shared his life and at one point I have been a good brother to him.

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