Monday, August 25, 2008

Malaysia Trip

It was a business, work related trip together with our IT wizard Dondon and top caliber accountant Deth. We are here to help and assist our sister company (Rawang Malaysia), the two will work on PECAS implementation and me to follow-up and conduct a quality systems audit based on our customer requirements. It was a four long days of work (we had no merienda like in the Philippines) and we get back on hotel at around 7pm. We had our 2 days dinner in a nearby Chinese restaurant from our Hotel. On the third night, we met our former operations manager and have dinner with him together with APM SCD manager. It was a long night of chat, eating and enjoyment. The following morning is my report preparation and a closing meeting in the afternoon with the concern Departments/Section together with the Regional Director.It was a tough week doing this audit alone and I hope I manage to help and assists them in the best way I can. That night, we decided to have a dinner in China town and check some items to bring back as "pasalubong". It's a 20 minute drive (taxi) from our Hotel. The following day, Friday, is our scheduled trip back home (at 12pm). We need to be in the airport early by 9:30am. We wake up early so we can check out by 8am. We decided to visit the twin towers at KL so Dondon called our service taxi and drop us in the place.

The twin towers is a spectacular pieces of architecture that should not be missed during any visit to Kuala Lumpur. Dubbed as the highest tower from 1998-2004. The structure is different from the skyscraper of the rest of the world which are built with extensive use of steel and its metal finish reflects both natural light and spectacular night lights on the twin tower. Click here for the list of tallest buildings and structures of the world.

Me and Deth

Dondon, Me and Deth

Hopefully, in two years or early (maybe)... I will have my pleasure trip at Burj Dubai Skyscraper but for now I will be at London to have my vacation... wait for my next blogs friends see you soon.


Ann said...

Sosyal naman..Baguio to Malaysia and then London..I wish I could fly off to somewhere too.
Sir,, you really should let me tag along next time.xD xD.
Nice pics, I like the view..Maybe I'll have my picture taken there too..xD..gaya-gaya eh.
Anyway, Sir Louis I wont say "have fun" anymore, I know you're already having lots of it.Hehe.. Just take care always.
God Bless.

keni said...

cool pics!
how i wish i can visit this place as well, i couldnt organize my schedule as we are in short of manpower these days.. whew!
KL is just 5hrs drive away from here, dang!

i see that ur doing well
and enjoy travelling to different places.. sana ako din!


Anonymous said...

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