Saturday, September 6, 2008

New Angels in the family

My new nieces, Allison and Alliza was born 25th of July @ 14:46 and 14:47 and 1,660 and 2,630 gms respectively via elective cesarean section. They're genetically identical twins though its not obvious at the moment due to dissimilar birth weights. They're a bit premature so they had to stay in the neonatal unit for quite sometime! Allison (the elder and smaller of the two) is still on a drip and has to rest her tummy a bit to avoid gut problems as a precaution due to her low birth weight otherwise all else seems ok so far. Alliza (the younger and bigger of the two) was fed through a tube and is beginning to suck nicely from mum's breasts. Alliza was the first one to go home after three weeks and Allison after five and a half weeks.



The twins weight after 6 weeks , Alliza from 2.6 to 5.0 and Allison from 1.6 to 3.0 kgs. The lovely twins shows great improvements and their healthy too.


Ashley (twins sister) who is turning 5 years old this December is currently enrolled as preparatory in St. Theresa. It's been four years that we haven't met her and my sister. Ashley was also excited knowing that I'll be celebrating my birthday here together with the twins thanksgiving. It's been a good year with full of blessings for us, new angels for the family, my 1st year anniversary being a post KT, seeing my sister and his family doing well and a chance to visit London and explore the nice places here.


keni said...

hay! laki na ni ash... i'm so happy nag improve na yung twins.. kaka worry na maliiit ung isa.. but im glad ok na.. so hows evrybody there? is ate nymphs coping to London's nice & cool weather??

again, happy birthday and enjoy ur vacation! 'ope to see u soon..


pasalubog pls!

haha ;p

meloudy said...

Congratulation for having a new family members.. happy trip and cu soon...

ps. pasalubong din po namin.. hehehe

Joyce said...

Wow sana ako din maka pag travel out there Whahaha!

pero okey na kahit hindi basta may pasalubong okey na okey na hahaha

ang cute ni ash at ng twins!

see you soon!
i'll be there hahaha!