Sunday, November 30, 2008

Badminton Group at Smashville

It's been 2 months since I started joining the BH group (badminton enthusiasts) through the invitation of my high school friend Rachelle. Other batchmates who joined the group are Rey, our senior class president, willie , rollie and eric. I enjoy playing with my batchmates and of course I like the group who welcome us here, compose mainly of young and not so old professionals...hehehe. The game is scheduled every sunday and I try to be there as much as possible because I consider this as my form of exercise and an outlet.
The first few faces that I had a communication are Tess , Dominick, Jordan, Joy, Ernie. Majority of them I know by faces, names but just pure hi and hello (a smile gesture). Aside from my high school friends (batchmates) , there are three persons that has been good, nice and kind to me...(should I say...with impact and recall). Alex (soft spoken and looks naive) for entertaining my querries and ....hehehe, Jay (looks snobbish..first impression only...clean looking and refreshing face) for bringing my box of wine in our plant and Cris (kind and friendly) my adopted brother, for the trust, sharing his life and for the bookings. I'm just new in the group and hopefully will get to know more about the other members.

Me & my batchmates (friends)

Cris Munoz (adopted brother)
Alex & Jay (Dynamic buddy)


Henry said...

Luis pakilala mo naman ako dun sa girl na nasa desk top mo , ung group pic sa badminton...ganda niya at ng legs hehehehe....

Louie said...

parang anak mo na lang un ...maglaro ko doon pakilala kita....LOLZ