Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Day with New & Old Good Friends

It's Sunday once again and time to play badminton with my batch mates (high school friends) and the BH group.We had just our BH tournament last week December 7, 2008 and I would like to congratulate all the winners especially my batch mates who won the Class B and Class C division. This is the first badminton tournament they had. My batch mates Rey is paired to Rodel the husband of Rachel who also won the championship in Class C together with Trish.

This Sunday is just another routine play were we gather and play. After the play I joined with the youngsters (without my batch mates) to eat at Robinson's Galleria and to know more of the group where I'm a "newbie". Actually, my so called adopted brother (new friend) will accompany me to buy something and have time together. So after eating we went at SM Mega to do the shopping , had coffee at Starbucks and watch a movie upon his request. It was great day and I get to know more of my adopted brother.

Badminton High 3rd Tournament

The next day, my schedule is dinner with my former choir members (good old friends). Meeting place at SM Mega church 7pm. We had our dinner at ManHann.

Pasig Concert Choir

As usual majority of the basses and sopranos are present , one from tenor and none from alto's. But basically it's a gathering of close friends/barkadas. It was a good and fun dinner. Everyone has stories to share and update their lives. In one conversation, an idea pop out of having a reunion concert "One Night Only" parang pelikula...LOLZ...everyone like the idea but then it will take a lot planning and time. And maybe the question is if we can still sing...of course we can.....Let's just see when... The resto is closing so we transferred at Starbucks for more sharing and updates. It's another tiring day for me but I'm happy seeing my choir members wherein some of them are my kumpare's and kumare's. Through the years our friendship remains and even grows better. Truly friends are gifts not easily gained. It roots from one's heart and involves memories that stay...not for a moment ...not for a day but ...always


Edgar said...

Sir ang ganda ng uniform niyo... arbor hehehe

Darwin said...

Kakain ka pala dyan d mo kami sinama!!!!....natrapik kami dahil dinaan ka namin dyan - nagrereklamo si David...hehehe

Louie said...

ah ganun ah .....lagot sa akin yan si David ..di ko na siya pasasakayin ng service...joke..LOLZ
masyado naman kau minsan lang ako sakay service eh...pag my car na ko di ko kaya sakay..hehehe