Friday, January 2, 2009

Dinner at Zamboanga Restaurant

A few days after a Christmas gathering, my balikbayan good friends, invited me to have dinner with their hubbies at Zamboanga Restaurant located at 1619 Adriatico St. Malate Manila. It serves fresh seafoods, native cuissne and international dishes. The place offer nightly cultural shows which starts at 8:30 pm and serenaders to visitors/guest. It offers dances from different parts of the country. During the show, they will ask some participants to join in some dance where basic steps will be taught and afterwards they will perform it on stage. Dance like Tinikling and Hawaiian. That was fun seeing mostly foreigners doing the dance, children who wants to learn our national dance, tinikling.
This is another worthwhile experience , getting to know and refreshing your mind with Philippine Cultural history. It was a great dining experience together with lifetime good friends and enjoying the fantastic cultural show.

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