Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Blessings In My Life

First in the lists is my health improvement being a Post Kidney Transplant, I already survived more than 1 year. Blessing the family with three lovely angels (the twins alliza & allison and angel) seeing my sister and her family in London. Good health and abundance of grace including the trials and challenges that the family had this year. It make us even stronger, closer and strengthen our faith.

Places I visited like Bohol, Cebu and Baguio (been here always...hehehe) Malaysia - again...and UK London. My job and the crazy, emotional and reasonable people I work with...they make work interesting and fun. My personal trials, failures and being dumb for several times for being so kindhearted and friendly because I choose to be that way and be happy in that decision. Sure we made some mistakes along the way, what matters most is how we accept, experience and stand on that situation. The good thing is realizing that as a blessing. Sometimes it is helpful and even comforting to remember that there are things that we can never change.

Meeting my Batch mates/Friends in High School and start to continue the friendship. My dear special friends in college, the ChE Blues Group for the annual gatherings and doing some worthwhile activities (Outreach Program). My former co-employees who been there and stayed as good friend to me even in a long distance communication. Youngsters I've met who keep in touch and establishing friendship and becoming part of my family. People in my Friendster who take time to send messages and and considering me as one of their good friends. My new group, BH at smashville.....who are true good and nice to me.

I consider all of you a blessing in my life... I believe that meeting people is not a coincidence...People come into our life for a REASON, a SEASON or a LIFETIME.

To all of you have a brighter, blessed and happy new year.....Live well, Laugh often and Love with all of your heart.


Jhonna said...

He.he.he.he.he . FYI Crazy ka rin naman eh... cge na nga pinipilit mo ako,, kind ka rin naman nga pala....

Melo said...

yes, everything happpen to us is a blessing even our trials are blessing.. we should be thankfulfor we are blessed even though sometimes its not what we expect.. We should hope for many crazy people enter in our lives (they are spices...)... heeheheheh... :->